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Aesthetic dentistry

AESTHETIC DENTISTRY Aesthetic dentistry is where science and art combine in dental treatment. Rather than being a specific discipline or type of treatment, it embraces all the dental treatment disciplines with the aim of creating the best outcome for the patient, from an aesthetic, [...]


Crowns and bridges

CROWNS AND BRIDGES A crown is recommended to entirely cover a damaged tooth that is beyond repair with a filling, inlay or onlay. Crowns are usually placed over damaged, fractured, discoloured, and root canal treated teeth. A crown restores the strenght and stability of a [...]


Inlays and onlays

INLAYS AND ONLAYS Dental inlays and onlays are a medium between dental crowns and fillings implicated on teeth at the back of the mouth that has suffered a moderate level of decay. They can be made of composite material, gold, or tooth—colored porcelain. This type [...]

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